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This includes any frame with Prescription Sunglass Lenses!

Free-Form Lenses

Free-form Lenses from Our Optometrists in Fairfax, VA & Rockville, MD

At our office, your vision is our number one priority. With that being said, we take great pride in offering our customers Free-Form Lenses , a must-have for maximum vision correction. No matter how sophisticated in design, traditional progressive lenses cannot account for the visual requirements of each and every individual wearer. Each prescription requires a unique optical design to fully eliminate lens aberrations, or departures from the desired prescription. The Free-Form Lens prevents this. We’re not saying that traditional progressive lenses don’t correct your vision, simply stated- it’s much like buying a high definition television over a regular television.

The advent of “Free-Form” surfacing technology has freed lens designers from the constraints of traditional mass lens production. Free-Form surfacing uses an extremely accurate, computer controlled system, which delivers progressive lenses that have been designed and produced “on demand” for a specific wearer. By using Free-Form technology, a truly unique and fully customized progressive lens is designed by a persons unique data, which the computer design engine calculates based off of the individuals prescription, fitting geometry and frame information. When this technology is utilized in conjunction with the software that designs traditional progressive lenses, it becomes possible to match the optics of each progressive lens exactly to the visual requirements of the specific person.

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By customizing each lens design, every Free-Form lens will faithfully preserve the intended optical performance. Therefore, progressive lens wearers will no longer have to tolerate the various optical compromises that are characteristics of traditional, mass-produced progressive lenses.