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This includes any frame with Prescription Sunglass Lenses!


Orthokeratology in Fairfax, VA & Rockville, MD

We are pleased to announce the addition of our New Orthok specialty  to our Practice. We Invites You To Experience A Revolutionary New, Safe and Non-Surgical Way to Improve Your Vision While You Sleep

If you want to wake up every morning with crystal clear vision and go through the entire day WITHOUT wearing glasses or contacts (and avoid the expense and risks of Lasik surgery), this will be the most important letter you ever read.

I wanted to inform you about a technique I am using that will benefit your specific visual needs. I’m part of a small group of doctors in the United States offering the latest vision breakthrough known as Orthokeratology (commonly referred to as OrthoK).

OrthoK is simply a contact lens you wear when you go to sleep. You take out the lens in the morning and you’ll see crystal clear all day long-without glasses or daytime contact lenses! OrthoK literally lets you sleep your way to perfect vision! Can you tell I’m excited?

Better Than Lasik Surgery? You Decide..

Many of my patients are concerned about the risks and costs associated with Lasik surgery. OrthoK is not just an alternative. I think it’s an IMPROVEMENT over Lasik surgery and offers many benefits that are unmatched by any other vision therapy.

OrthoK is:

FDA approved… Over the past 40 years OrthoK has improved the vision of hundreds of thousands of patients in every age group. Non-surgical and non-invasive… No lasers, no knives, no surgery of any kind or the risks associated with Lasik surgery (such as increased chance of corneal scaring and vision loss) 100% reversible… You can stop using the OrthoK contact lenses at any time and go back to wearing your glasses or contacts (and you can go back to your OrthoK lenses any time without harm) Healthier… Lasik permanently thins and weakens the cornea while OrthoK does not harm your eyes and will not weaken your cornea As your vision begins to change as you age (which is 99% guaranteed to happen) you’ll eventually need to wear glasses or contacts. With Ortho K we can correct both distance and reading vision, unlike Lasik which can only correct distance vision.

In addition, OrthoK is…

Fast… Clearer vision starts after the first night of wear and most patients see crystal clear after a few night’s sleep—many doctors report 20/20 vision in 90% of their patients (Over please…) Safer than traditional daytime contact lenses… You only wear OrthoK lenses about 6-8 hours a night compared to 12-16 hours or 24-hours for extended-wear lenses. Studies have shown an increased risk of infection with 24 hour wear, but no study has shown such a risk to night-only wear For active people… You’ll be able to play, swim, participate in sports and other healthy activities without the problems of glasses or daytime contact lens wear For the whole family… and safe for children as young as 7 to adults in their 60s and 70And of course, you’ll never have to bother with glasses or disposable contact lenses and all the problems and expenses that come with them. OrthoK is the most exciting breakthrough in improving vision in the past 20 years.

How Does OrthoK Work?

OrthoK is a contact lens that corrects your vision while you sleep. You put the lenses on when you go to bed and remove them when you wake up. The contact lens gently focuses your cornea overnight. When you wake up in the morning, simply take the lenses out and you have clear vision all day long. Each night you pop in the lenses… although some only need to wear them every other night OrthoK is similar to how braces straighten teeth… or how special insoles for your shoes correct foot problems

OrthoK does not harm your eyes and will not weaken your cornea. In fact, it’s often the BEST treatment for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism over many daytime lenses.

I can go on for pages of scientific studies and case studies, but the best way for you to see if you’re a candidate for OrthoK and experience the amazing vision you can have is to come in and try the OrthoK lenses for yourself.

Correct Your Vision Overnight With A FREE Consultation and OrthoK Evaluation

I’m so excited to offer OrthoK to my patients, I am waiving the traditional $250 consultation fee and OrthoK Evaluation.

All you have to do to get your FREE consultation and evaluation is pick up the phone and call our office at 301.871-0180 or 703-691-8008 and see Dr. Howard Budner and let us know you received this invitation for a free OrthoK consultation. Our office staff will know to schedule you in right away. We are providing this consultation on Thursdays only.

I look forward to helping you see clearly all day long, WITHOUT glasses, daytime contacts or surgery!