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About Us Dr. Howard Budner and Associates in Aspen Hill and FairfaxRockville and Fairfax Optometrists

Welcome to Dr. Howard Budner and Associates serving as your optometrist in Aspen Hill and Fairfax. We provide comprehensive eye care services ranging from eye exams, as well as pre- and post-operative eye surgery care. If you are in need of  comprehensive eye care, such as eyeglasses, contact lenses, Lasik and treatment of eye diseases and an optical center where you will find everything from budget to fashionable frames. Discover more about our eye care practice prior to visiting Dr. Howard Budner and Associates for your full service eye care needs in Rockville and Fairfax

Optometry Doctors at Dr. Howard Budner and Associates

Here at Dr. Howard Budner and Associates we are led by Dr. Howard Budner O.D. After graduating in the top 10 percent of his class from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry, Dr. Budner achieved the 4th highest grade for the competency exam covering eye disease treatments. Dr. Budner is an exceptional Fairfax optometrist with experiences working at Andrews Air Force Base, the Learning Disabilities Clinic, and as a founder of SPECTRUM eye care. As the founder of Dr. Howard Budner and Associates he continues to strive for excellence in the optometry industry. Part of his practice involves working directly with sub specialists in eye care, for which Dr. Budner diagnoses complicated vision problems. He provides comprehensive eye and vision care for his great family of patients.

Your Optometrist in Fairfax

When you visit your optometrist in Fairfax, you have access to full service eye care. The primary goal for Dr. Howard Budner and Associates is to determine your vision and eye health. This begins with a comprehensive eye exam to determine your vision needs. We are one of the only optometrists to provide genetic eye testing. Using your DNA we can determine if you are a risk for certain eye diseases and conditions, such as macular degeneration, cataracts, retinal detachment, and glaucoma. If you have vision correction issues we will fit you with contact lenses or eyeglasses here onsite for your convenience. We also provide referrals to eye specialists and eye surgeons if you need additional services. As part of this service we also provide post-operative care for eye surgery patients. 

Visit Your Aspen Hill Optometrist

If you are ready to visit your Rockville optometrist consider Dr. Howard Budner and Associates as your top choice. We offer everything you need to take care of your vision and eye health, while maintaining the utmost standards of any optometry provider. Contact our office today to schedule an eye exam, or to inquire about vision correction or eye specialist referrals.