Dry Eyes

Dry Eye Treatment from Our Optometrist in Fairfax, VA and Aspen Hill, MD

Our optometrist offers dry eye treatment for individuals whose eye do not produce enough tears or who have tears that are of poor quality and evaporate before they have time to properly hydrate and lubricate your eyes.

Woman with fry eyes.

Symptoms of Dry Eye

Having dry eyes is more than just an uncomfortable experience. The lack of tears can result in damage to your eye, including scratches and eye infections. This is because the basal tears in your eyes wash away debris and dust while providing the eye with lubrication and discouraging bacterial infiltration.

Common symptoms of dry eye include itchy, watery eyes or gritty sensations, especially when you blink. Individuals with dry eye may experience periodic blurry vision, difficulty reading or working at a computer and excessively watery eyes. You may also notice a decrease in contact lens tolerance if you wear contacts.

Dry Eye Risk Factors

There are certain things that can contribute to the development of dry eye. If you are 50 years of age or older or female, your risk factor is higher than younger individuals and men. Certain medications, like decongestants, antihistamines, certain mental health medications and blood pressure medications may come with a warning for dry eyes. Individuals with certain chronic illnesses, including Sjögren’s syndrome and lupus, may also be prone to developing dry eye.

Your environment can also play a factor in the development of dry eye symptoms. Individuals that work outside in windy conditions or excessively dry conditions and/or who sit in front of air conditioning and heating vents all day may develop symptoms of dry eye.

Treatment for Dry Eye from Our Optometrist

Our optometrist will examine your eyes and recommend treatment, according to the severity of your symptoms and the causes of your dry eye. If you are on medications that may be contributing to your dry eye, our eye doctor Fairfax may recommend talking with your family doctor about those medications and their side-effects.

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