Blue Light Blocking Lenses

Learn about Blue Light Blocking Lenses & Computer Vision Treatments

More and more people are experiencing eye strain indoors, and the cause is most likely blue light exposure from the increased use of computers and mobile devices. Even light sources that you do not have right up next to your eyes, like LEDs and television screens, emit a spectrum of light that may be causing discomfort and is possibly doing damage to the tissues of your eyes. Fortunately, there are new products available – blue blocking lenses – that can help limit your exposure to the negative effects blue light, while still allowing in the beneficial effects of the blue spectrum. As your optometrist in Fairfax VA, we are your source for blue blocking lenses!

Eliminating Computer Eye Strain And Preventing Computer Vision Problems

The term “computer eye strain” has been used for a while to refer to the discomfort that many computer workers have experienced due to staring at a computer screen all day. But the symptoms of computer eye strain are showing up in a wider range of people today, not just computer workers. In the modern world, everyone – from children to the elderly – are spending more and more time looking at screens. These screens, on laptops, tablets, phones and gaming devices, all tend to emit a spectrum of blue light that can cause strain and could have a negative effect on eyesight. Computer vision problems are not just an issue for office workers anymore.

Blue light blocking lenses from your eye doctor in Fairfax were created to address the growing problem of computer eye strain and to prevent the problems so common with computer vision. The coating on blue light blocking lenses prevents the potentially harmful spectrum of blue light from reaching your eyes. The blue blocking lens coating is designed to help minimize strain and avoid the possible damage that blue light may pose to the tissues of your eye.

Talking With Your Optometrist About Blue Blocking Lenses

The best way to know if blue blocking lenses are right for you is to speak with your optometrist. Dr. Budner is well-informed on all the latest developments in eye care and eye protection, and he is best equipped to determine if you are experiencing computer eye strain due to blue light exposure. When you visit our eye care clinic, we will conduct a thorough examination and discuss any eye or vision issues you have been experiencing. During your appointment you can talk with your eye doctor in Fairfax about your exposure to blue light, and he can prescribe the right blue light blocking lenses for your specific circumstances.

Get Your Blue Light Blocking Lenses

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