Designer Eyeglasses

Designer Eyeglasses from Our Optometrists
in Fairfax, VA & Aspen Hill, MD

At Dr. Howard Budner & Associates we strive to provide you with the highest quality eyecare and optical prescriptions. Below you may view the different brands that we have available for prescription eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses. Visit us today to learn more!

Our Newest Brands at Dr. Budner & Associates:

141 Eyewear - These innovative frames from Seattle come with the added appeal that for every frame sold, a needy person in the US gets a free pair of glasses! Get it? One for One Their frames come in two types - the extremely lightweight and extremely flexible frames, and the standard style frame but with great colors and shapes.

Brendel - A popular German frame line primarily for women with wonderful craftsmanship.

David Green - These beautiful frames are handmade, incorporating beautiful leaves from South Africa into the plastic making each frame unique.

Flexon and Nike Flexon - These frames are specifically designed to be extremely flexible and durable, come in rimless, metal and plastic styles and are a particularly fast seller.

iGreen - They call themselves high tech frames, they are extremely lightweight and extremely flexible, the colors and prints can be custom ordered and the temples can be a different color from the face frame. These frames can also be purchased with matching magnetic sunglass clip-ons.

Swarovski - Beautiful women's frames with elegant use of their famous crystals, we are carrying both ophthalmic and sunglasses.

Zen Eyewear - These are stylish frames from Barcelona.

Our Rockville & Fairfax Optometrists Provide These Brands:

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