Information on Sunglasses from Our Optometrist in Fairfax, VA and Aspen Hill, MD

When you think of wearing sunglasses, most people picture being outside in the summer sun, enjoying the brightness and warmth of the season. But did you know you should wear sunglasses outdoors every time you go out, no matter what the season? At Dr. Howard Budner & Associates, we recommend that all our patients wear sunglasses outdoor every day, all year round. It's not just for fashion; there's a very serious set of health problems that wearing sunglasses can help you to avoid.

Young adults outside wearing fashionable sunglasses.

Why Wear Sunglasses?

Why do we recommend you wear sunglasses in all year? It all comes down to specific types of rays from the sun. Sunlight is made up of different waves on the spectrum, from warm to cool light. On the cool end are rays called ultraviolet, or UV, rays. UV rays can also be broken up into two types, UVA, and UVB, but both do equal amounts of damage if allowed to build up over time. In the short term, going outside without proper protection can cause annoying problems like squinting, watery or itchy eyes, wrinkles and even temporary blindness. But UV exposure results are cumulative, which means they build up over time. 

Every time you expose your eyes to UV rays, the damage builds up a little more. Eventually, you might end up having to deal with one of a number of serious vision problems, such as:

  • Macular degeneration
  • Cataracts
  • Tumors and cancers
  • Growths on the eye's surface

Wearing the right pair of sunglasses is crucial to eye health, and our optometrist can create just the pair you need, right here in our office.

The Right Sunglasses from Your Optometrist

It's unlikely that you'll find the right kind of eye protection from a pair of sunglasses you buy in a drugstore or a beachside stand. To get real protection, you need a pair of sunglasses with 100 percent UVA and UVB coverage. Choose glasses with large frames to allow for more protection. Our Fairfax optometrist can turn any pair of normal eyeglass frames into a custom pair of sunglasses, so you won't be limited to what you find on a drugstore rack.

Growing eyes are subject to vision problems, too, so it's just as important that you get children's sunglasses for your little ones to wear every day. If they don't need vision correction yet, we can craft a pair of sunglasses with clear lenses, designed only to protect your child's eyesight from the damage the sun's rays can do. 

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