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Eye Exams with Optometrists
in Aspen Hill, MD & Fairfax, VAVision exams identify concerns & address potential optical problems. Learn more about our exams and services at Dr. Howard Budner & Associates Optometrists

As your optometrist we offer an extensive array of eye exams at Dr. Howard Budner and Associates. Our goal is to help you achieve optimal vision and eye health. We believe that eye exams provide the greatest opportunity for our optometrists to detect any vision correction, eye disease, or other adverse conditions. By going to your eye doctor for routine eye exams you are better able to protect your vision and eyes. Find out what you can expect with eye exams offered by your optometrist.

About Eye Exams  

We offer an array of eye exams at Dr. Howard Budner and Associates. For most patients we provide regular eye exams to maintain their vision correction or eye health. These exams allow your optometrist to determine if prescription vision correction for eyeglasses or contact lenses are necessary. We also consider several factors, such as your age, medical history, and current medications, to help us determine what kind of eye exams are best suited for your needs. Let your optometrist help you find the right eye exams for your vision health.

Genetic Testing and Eye Exams

We also provide genetic eye testing as part of our comprehensive exams. The use of genetic testing for vision is revolutionary, and we are the only optometrist in Fairfax offering this service. Using your DNA we are able to determine if you are more likely to suffer from certain eye diseases or conditions in the future. For example, we can tell you if macular degeneration, glaucoma, or cataracts are more prominent in your genetic makeup. This allows your eye doctor to prescribe specialized eye exams in Fairfax for detecting such eye conditions. 

Importance of Eye Exams

We recommend individuals of all ages to go for eye exams. This is the best method of detecting eye diseases and vision issues as early as possible. Early diagnosis is often the greatest chance you have of reversing eye conditions, as well as to prevent permanent vision loss. By going to your optometrist at Dr. Howard Budner and Associates for eye exams, you are able to establish a relationships with your eye doctor. This gives them the advantage of being able to detect changes in your eye health or vision sooner than later. In doing so can provide you with vision correction needs or referrals to eye care specialists who can provide eye surgery. Your vision and eye health is an important part of your overall health and wellbeing. Maintain your health by getting regular eye exams from your optometrist. 

Eye Exams by Your Optometrist in

When you are ready to schedule an eye exam by your optometrist in Fairfax we want to help. Here at Dr. Howard Budner and Associates we offer full service eye care starting with comprehensive eye exams. Contact our office today to set up your first eye exam at our convenient location serving Fairfax and Rockville. We look forward to seeing you for your regularly scheduled eye exams.